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Brace yourself for you're about to change your diet and soon replace chocolate for all the fruits in the world. Hang on, that might be too bold a statement. Wouldn't that be just a dream come true though? Here are some interesting 'findings'. Take it with a pinch of salt. We at team Yamee are not scientists (only in our dreams), just massive lovers of chocolate :-)

Chocolate can be as good & healthy as fruits. Hmmm, not so sure...

Is the sweet tooth in you jumping for joy yet? Some wise humans say dark chocolate contains a higher amount of disease-fighting antioxidants as compared to some fruits. Interesting. But, remember, too much of a good thing isn't what it's cracked up to be. Be moderate as you annihilate that dark chocolate :-)

Broccoli contains twice the amount of vitamin C compared to an Orange

Yes, you read that right. The name "Broccoli" originates from the Italian plural of "Broccolo", which means 'the flowering crest of a cabbage'. It is rich in vitamin K, is a good source of folate (folic acid), and also provides potassium and fiber. Go Broccoli. Luckily, our kids at team Yamee love it, oddly enough.

Parsley is a natural breath freshener

Something about its rich aroma is truly convincing us about this too. This rich versatile herb comes packing a whole lot of vitamin A, C & K. It is rich in antioxidants too and provides for strong and healthy bones and protects the body against chronic diseases. So next time you sense a little embarrassing breath while on a dinner date...order something with extra extra parsley and feel fresh **wink wink**

Apples can help you wake up

Well, they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Who are these wise humans who keep saying stuff? Anyway, did you know that apples are more effective than coffee at getting you active in the morning? They're rich in pectin - a dietary fiber found in their peels, which is good for when you're having digestive issues due to improper sleep patterns or late eating habits. Talk about a fruit that gives you balance :)

Chewing coffee beans = No bad breath

Here goes yet another life hack. Coffee beans are so good they beat the effect of a super minty gum. This is because coffee has elements that inhibit the survival of bacteria that causes bad breath in your mouth.

Share with us some amazing food facts that you think we should know about.

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Does sixty minute delivery time feel too long? Worry not, we are doing our best to improve it, with the ultimate target being 40 minutes, maximum. We do, however, have some fun stuff for you to occupy your time while you wait. After all, we at Yamee are here to give you back time so you can focus on other things.

Our friends at PsychCentral have even pointed out that - " Unoccupied time feels longer than occupied time."

Binge on your favorite shows

Remember the stand-up comedy shows you were saving for later? How about you pick one and get right on with it? Better yet, you could get your adrenaline rush all the way up with a horror movie, if that's your cup of tea. Your food will be there right on time and it'll feel like it only took a second.

Do the dishes

Let's be honest, most of us are guilty on this one. It could be just a glass or a pan or a whole extended family's bunch of used kitchen utensils 😂. Get on to cleaning and you'll probably hear the doorbell ring before you're even done. The chore is daunting even if you have a dishwashing machine :-)


In a whole day's hecticness and being out & about in the sunny & dusty streets of Dar es Salaam, our skins and hair can get quite a beating. Getting some "me time" while you wait for your food to be delivered would make one very great idea. You can use this time to scrub, get that face mask on, try the new serum you bought or even moisturize your hair to give it a little more shine and soft touch.

Play Video Games

You already ordered your Meatlovers pizza and garlic bread from Batman Pizzeria on the Yamee App and you're probably sitting wondering; 'Now What?'. Playing video games at this moment would be a very great idea and time will go so fast, not even light would be able to keep up with it. Challenge yourself to make it through that one very hard stage in your game so you can brag to your friends later when you're done eating :-)


Only a few get to be recording music artists and take on world stages to perform for crowds of people. Sad but true, and we celebrate those who have broken through into the tough music industry. But, rest assured, we are all musicians at heart. Make some space in your living room, turn the music up, grab a remote control (why not, who needs a mic) and entertain yourself. Heck, maybe you have pets? Well, they can be your audience :-) No pets? Imagination can take you places: picture yourself at Coachella making the crowd go "Ape Sh**t". In no time at all, your delivery will be with you.

Read something

If you love to read, this would be the perfect time to flip through some pages. We at team Yamee, love to read. We're happy to recommend some good reads: To kill a mocking bird, Becoming, The Great Gatsby, Pride and prejudice, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Half of a yellow sun, Things fall apart, The Alchemist, A thousand splendid suns...and so much more. Enjoy!


Pop it, lock it, dip it and dzoo it to your favorite tunes. Challenge yourself and learn some popular moves at this time so you don't look clueless when your friends drag you to the dance floor next time you're out. You will be surprised how the music can take you away and your delivery won't feel like it's taking too long to arrive.

Bubble Bath

That hot water & bubbles in the tub popping to the sound of some slow, relaxing jazz, blues or soul music would be the perfect way to relax after a long day of hustling. Imagine feeling all fresh and rejuvenated, then hearing the doorbell ring. "Alexa, play Happy by Pharell Williams" That would no doubt be your schmood.

Work Out

Sit-ups and lunges. Work it, work it. Burn, burn, burn. After all, you're preparing yourself to obliterate that bundle of food that is coming your way :-) Get to it, don't postpone it.


Breathing in and out is one thing we've been doing from the day we were born. But, have you ever taken the time to just sit back, relax, and focus on it? You will be so surprised at how life-changing this can be. Try it today while you wait for your food to be delivered and feel free to thank us below on the comment section ;).

We can all agree that staying indoors and keeping safe at home has at some point inspired some creativity out of us. From trying out some crafty DIYs or learning to play an instrument, learning how to sing, doing our gardens, perfecting our crafts in doing the things we love...the list goes on and on.

Have you thought of baking a cake but didn't because:-

1: You probably thought it was rocket science?

2: Your oven is broken or you don't own one yet?

Emma's Goodies - a professional baker from Rome has some good news for you. You can make your very own chocolate cake at home and you don't need any oven, not even a microwave. Up for the challenge? Let's start with the ingredients.

You'll need...

225 gr All Purpose Flour sifted

60 gr Unsweetened Cocoa Powder sifted

270 gr White Sugar

3 tsp Baking Powder

165 gr soft Butter

3 Eggs ( room temp)

200 gr Whole Milk ( warm )

2 tbs Espresso Coffee

1/4 tsp Salt

Missing some of the ingredients? Don't stress as you can order them for delivery through Yamee App. Click here for iOS and here for Android.

All set? Now watch the step by step video below by Emma's Goodies, make your own cake at home and tell us how yours came out.

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