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Here’s how we are building a more inclusive and accessible mobile commerce ecosystem for Africa.


What we’re working toward

Our mission

We make mobile commerce technology inclusive & accessible for food merchants in Africa to increase their earning opportunities.

When our food merchants access digital customers, cashless payments and digital data-driven micro loans, a world of opportunity opens up for their businesses. 

And for our consumers, we are absolutely delighted to provide opportunities to discover great local cuisine, at the tap of a button.

Our commitment


Your favourite food, delivered fast and hot.

We are passionate about great food and bringing you a variety of choice to explore the world of local cuisine. For consumers, simply download our app and get ready to satisfy your appetite and curiosity.

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Let’s work together

Reach more customers

If you’re a food merchant, partner with Yamee and reach more customers.

Focus on your food product

We handle getting your high quality food to customers so you can focus on your food product.



A micro fund to boost your business.

Fast, easy and convenient micro loans to help your business grow. Available only to merchants on our Yamee App. No more long paperwork processes.


The more you sell, the more funds you can access.

Simply view an automatic fund offer on our merchant app, intelligently generated based on the data of your sales history. The more you sell, the more funds you can access.


Payback is easy; automatic deduction from your weekly sales on our platform.

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A card payment gateway for your mobile commerce business.

Scale your business faster through building your online business on our payment processing platform. Gain actionable insights with our analytics dashboard. Our amazing platform is in development.

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